As people start to get back to working in offices together, a lot of uncertainty about getting back to work and the stress of the pandemic still lingers. But if managed well, you can boost employee morale to start to turn your office into a more positive and productive work environment.

By boosting employee morale, you’re creating a space where people are happy to come to work and feel confident to perform their job. Showing them that the company they work hard for truly sees and appreciates their dedication to the job can be a big morale booster. But how can you boost employee morale and thank essential workers at a time where life is more stressful than usual?

Office Catering

One of the ways most employees will love is providing a catered breakfast or lunch. What’s better than a free meal from the office? It shows that you know your employees are working hard and that you want to thank them by providing them with a delicious meal. The wonderful thing about corporate catering is that there are partners available to make ordering easier than ever before so there’s not much time spent to treat your employees to a meal.

If you’re looking for affordable office catering in Austin or San Antonio, we would love to serve you. Divvee is the premier corporate catering company that bridges the gap between offices and local-only restaurants by streamlining delivery and menu curation. We offer the best options for a carefree culinary experience without having to leave the office. We’re able to service offices of all sizes from small offices to offices with hundreds of employees.

In addition to providing a meal, there are some other ways to thank essential workers and boost your office morale.

Thank You Cards

The simple act of showing employees that you care about them can make a huge impact. Knowing that their work is appreciated can be a huge motivator for a lot of people. If someone in your office has obviously been working hard, then a simple thank you card is a low cost, high impact way to let them know you see what they’re doing and you appreciate them. If you can slip a gift card in there, that would make it even more enjoyable for them.

Allowing for Flexibility

Life happens and it’s so much harder to adjust when your job or boss is inflexible. Especially during this time when people are struggling with big changes in their lives and homes, dealing with the stresses of what’s going on with the world, etc. allowing for a little flexibility can really make the people within your office feel less stressed and help to lift their spirits. Whether it’s flexibility in their regular schedule or just being more lenient when someone asks for a day off, it can really help.

Care Packages

There are so many ways you can use care packages to boost morale with your employees. Everyone loves getting a care package, even if it’s just a few small items, because it means someone is thinking about them and appreciates them. You could come up with a self-care themed package for everyone in the office with some candles and other relaxing items. Or a movie night package with some snacks and a movie to watch. Regardless of what’s in the care package, people will appreciate it.

 Boosting employee morale can improve productivity and efficiency for your team, but can also just go a long way to make them feel more confident and positive about being at work.

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