The Divvee Mission

At Divvee, we believe that easy corporate catering shouldn’t be boring or impersonal. In fact, we’re on a mission to prove just that! We want everyone to experience the joy and excitement of carefree office food ordering and delivery, with custom-created meals that not only fill stomachs but also build teams and create positive work environments.

We’re aware that our customers are looking for more than just a meal; they want quality food delivery that has been prepared with care. That’s why we go above and beyond to create customized cuisines that cater to different dietary needs and preferences. From vegan to gluten-free, we’ve got you covered.

Headshot on Divvee's website

About Our Founder

Divvee is a dynamic food catering company that was founded in San Antonio, Texas in 2017 by the visionary millennial entrepreneur, Quentin Burke. Quentin’s entrepreneurial journey began when he started delivering meals for an on-demand delivery service. While working in the food industry, he observed that many businesses were searching for more unique catering options for corporate events and meetings.

Recognizing this gap in the market, Quentin decided to start his own catering company that would provide innovative food options for businesses in Texas. Thus, Divvee was born.

After recognizing the need for unique corporate catering options, Quentin began his journey to bring his vision to life. With his previous experience in the food industry and a deep passion for culinary innovation, he set out to create a company that would exceed the expectations of businesses across Texas.

Since Divvee’s beginning, Quentin has always believed that food should be more than just fuel for the body; it should be an experience that brings people together and fosters a sense of community.

A Carefree Corporate Catering Experience

Divvee is the premier corporate office caterer in Texas, and soon the entire nation. At Divvee, we believe in the unique culinary scene of each city we service. We work with each customer to create satisfying menus that appeal to a wide variety of tastes and preferences.  

Whether you are looking to cater to a small office of ten people or planning a corporate meal for hundreds, Divvee is excited to be the sidekick that makes you the company hero. Our process for serving you is very simple, stress-free, and handsfree. 

We understand that food has the power to bring people together, and we’re dedicated to creating catering experiences that do just that. Whether you’re hosting a business meeting or a team-building event, we’ve got the perfect menu for you. So, let Divvee take care of the catering, and get ready to enjoy delicious food that will leave your team feeling energized and inspired!