Become a Divvee Restaurant Partner

Divvee food delivery service works with local, top-rated restaurants to bring the experience and taste of chef prepared food to the corporate office setting. We understand that your food is your prized possession and we want to help showcase it to top companies in your local city.

Bring Business to your Restaurant

Our ideal restaurant partnership at Divvee is a restaurant that cares about health, experience, and the local community. This partnership is made to increase your revenue but also aid the city culinary innovation around it. At Divvee, restaurants that partner with us typically see an influx in their orders and revenue. With great, fast, and friendly service, Divvvee is sure to represent your brand appropriately.

Worry Less

The purpose of a Divvee partnership is to allow a restaurant to focus on the most important detail: the food. We will take care of the ordering, packaging, delivery, sales, marketing, and the logistics. We understand that your busy serving your outstanding meals to your customers, and we want it to make it worry free. Divvee’s own drivers are held to a high standard in performance and presentation. They make sure your food arrives on time and ready to eat!

More Exposure

Our delivery service is unique because we cater to corporate companies. We hate boring lunches, and with your food, that won’t be possible anymore. At Divvee we’re bringing the office revolution with healthy, tasty, and high-quality food. Your partnership with us will expose your restaurant to local corporate offices. This demographic is ideal for most top-rated restaurants. Once they experience your food through our delivery service, don’t be surprised when they come to your storefront for more. We also use social media to help engage with our customers and provide restaurant reviews for the public.

For more information on our Restaurant Partnership

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