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We deliver local, chef prepared food directly to your office!

We are Aware

Now more than ever our customers want quality food delivery that has been prepared with care. Here at Divvee, we have teamed up with local restaurants in the city to provide just that! 
We create personal relationships with local restaurants in each city so that we can provide our customers with more unique corporate catering options. We work with restaurants one-on-one to create menu options that we feel provide a variety of tastes that appeal to all catering needs.

We are Local

From the restaurants we partner with, to the drivers who deliver your corporate catering, we are local. We believe in the unique culinary scene each city has to offer and want to help showcase each cities amazing restaurants. In doing this, we not only help local businesses but we also contribute to a changing company culture.

We are Innovative

Our mission is to change the typical corporate food culture. No more boring boardroom and office lunches! Now your office can experience the best food from the hottest chefs in town delivered directly to your place of business.

Divvee was founded by millennial entrepreneur, Quentin Burke in San Antonio, Texas in 2017. After delivering meals himself for on demand delivery service, Quentin found there was a need in the market for more unique corporate catering options. It was this idea that inspired him to open Divvee. The Divvee team works with local restaurants to provide quick and efficient food catering that matters.